Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bowfun 2011 Begins

Kevin and I got out after some bowfin on Saturday. It was not as easy as it normally can be. Lake Champlain is super high- 102.6 feet when we fished it. That is 2.6 ft above flood stage and .4 ft over the previous historical high (set in 1869). Needless to say with 66 billion extra gallons of water fish have a lot more hiding places!  We found a few bowfin to play with though. Males guarding babies. Makes them a lot easier to find.

Bowfin are rarely described as pretty, but the colors on males in the spring are pretty spectacular. The bright emerald green on their fins and belly is just plain awesome. Some males even get tourquoise. Nice to get into some bowfun again! 

To make it even more cool, we were fishing along Interstate 89. Cars flying past, honking their horns. We even had people stop to take pictures.
Kevin's first bowfin this year.
Bowfin business end

The eyespot

Try to find that color on another fish in Vermont!


  1. Beautiful fish. I have got to get into one of those things. Love the eye spots on the tail.

    I did catch my first carp of the season yesterday ... along with browns, rainbows, and brookies. A good mix.

  2. Been searching for my own bowfun for a while now, good job Drew.

  3. My Fav! They have some serious shallows to hang in this year thats for sure!