Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Used for what it was designed for
A few years ago I came across these awesome jig hooks from Wapsi that I really love. Yes, they are jigs complete with jig heads so you purists can let fly all you want. I don't care. They work great and I plan on using them again and again.The hook itself is a 2X strong hook that is super sharp and has a black nickel finish. These blank jigs were intended for steelheading, but I had other plans for them... one of those ended up being the Zombie.

The Zombie is one deadly fly on smallmouth. I tie it relatively small and it seems to outfish bigger flies much of the time, especially when the water gets low. It casts like a dream and sinks like a rock. No question it is my #1 springtime fly for bass. In previous years it proved its worth to me on other species like rock bass and suckers, but this year it really outdid itself. Not only did it get those species it has also accounted for crappie, tench, longnose gar, largemouth bass, bowfin and redhorse. Yea... I love this fly.
Not what it was designed for... but effective anyway...

Now, am I going to give the recipe? That is a tough call.... for now, I am going to leave it a mystery but I suspect that a few of you can figure it out if you try.  

I reluctantly put the pic up....


  1. Would you mind sharing a couple tips on how you fish it? I have thought about something of this sort but I worry about being able to keep it out of the weeds.

  2. oh yeah man...jig hooks are a little dark secret amongst us warm water tyers....good stuff as always Drew...

  3. NYtrout- I fish it a variety of ways- from dead drift to stripping it back at various speeds. I try different retrieves until I find the one that is working. I don't have any advice on weeds though- I mostly fish rocky rivers with it.