Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Champlain is Heating Up!

Foxy Lady at work again!
Lake Champlain has been a bear this year... a really really big bear!  Normal flood stage is 100 feet above sea level. Until this past Sunday 6/19 Lake Champlain had been over that 100 ft mark for about two months. At the highest level there were 867 billion extra gallons in the lake and it was about 74 square miles larger than normal. That is a lot of water to fish!  Fishing was tough for a while- the lake is no where near its normal clarity and it is still murkier than it usually is. But fish are still around and on the bite!

Pretty typical Champlain Carp
I got into a favorite backwater area of mine the other day and found some carp, bowfin and bass. The carp were really thick in there. I ended up catching 3. I did get a nice big bass and a bowfin as well. Lots of bowfin around but they were acting rather strange. I had only a couple of takes from them which is not normal. 

Great to see that it is getting back to where it should be!  More to come I am sure... I will be on the lake in the next couple of days so watch for more reports!

Lots of bass in this size range around

Best carp of the day- 9lbs!

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