Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Nice big gar
I got out with a buddy today and we got into some fish, but the top dog of the day was this puppy.... not a bad fish huh?  Let me make it even more interesting.... on a Zombie (one of my special patterns) on a 6 wt Orvis TLS with 3X Mirage tippet- no bite tippet.  She chomped right down on it as it swam by. One hell of a fight later I beached her and got these shots.
48", 12 pounds- my biggest longnose gar so far... so far...

Gorgeous fish

Look at them teeth!

Pretty pleased!


  1. That is an awesome fish. Love the armor platted scales. You could make a whole lot of popcorn chicken out of that fish.

  2. Wow, can you say master angler?