Monday, May 30, 2011

Revenge of The Gar

Lepisosteus osseus- Vengeance seeking fish.
This one was in my hand- about 2mm long
Last Wednesday I caught the largest longnose gar I have caught thus far- 48". Big fish. It definitely did some serious thrashing around when I landed it. I do remember it hitting me a couple of times, but I really didn't think anything of it. Until Thursday evening that is. I was climbing into bed when the heel of my right hand really hurt. I looked down at the small puncture wound I had there and it was looking infected. So I headed to the bathroom to get more light and a sterilized needle to drain the thing. As I squeezed something popped out- a gar tooth!  The thing got me!  Crazy!

On Saturday morning I was looking at this scrape on my elbow that I got last week. I thought it had been heeling really well but it seemed infected. I gave it a squeeze to drain it and out popped a much longer gar tooth!  Damn, the thing got me twice!  
This one was in my elbow... this one is about 6mm

I have to admit that I think it was pretty awesome that she got me back. It is even more cool that I ended up with a couple of teeth too. Not to mention that I carried them around with me for a while!

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