Monday, May 23, 2011

Variety Pack

Got out yesterday for some fishing over the weekend. Results were good. Variety pack!
Silver redhorse- always a blast!

First tench I have ever caught! (good and bad news both)

Early season longnose gar!

Second tench- they look like the unnatural cross between a smallmouth and a carp!

The redhorse like the Meggi Juan Kenobi (a super big version of the EJK)

Kurt got into a nice bass!

Apparently it was a crappie day too!

Kevin gets in on the tench action!


  1. An interesting mixed bag Drew.

  2. that redhorse actually is not a silver. silvers will have grey or tan coloration to the tail as will goldens and blacks. river, shorthead and greater have red. the dorsal fin is hard to see in the picture so getting a positive id is a little harder. going off a vertical scale count i believe it is a river redhorse. not sure what the local population is like out there but around eastern mn/western wi they are endangered and not a common catch. so congrats on a beautiful fish!