Friday, May 13, 2011

New State Record White Sucker!

Gorgeous white sucker!
 On Monday I went to the post office and mailed out some paperwork to the state fisheries biologists and I just got confirmation- I am the current holder of the state record for white sucker (Catastomus commersoni)!  This beast of a fish is a whopping 6.34lbs (or 6 lbs 5.44 oz if you prefer). It was 25 1/4" long with a girth of 14" around the dorsal. Folks, this is one of the biggest white suckers I have ever seen and I have seen a lot (and targeted them for years). To give you some comparisons, the IGFA All Tackle World Record for white sucker is currently 6lb 8oz. My fish is about 2.5 oz from the world record. They don't get much bigger than this!
How is that for a big sucker?

Before you ask, yes, I was intentionally fishing suckers with a fly. Yes, I am crazy. No, I am not the only one who does this (right Jean Paul?). Yes, I will do a lot more of it in the future (like this weekend).

Eggi-Juan Kenobi firmly in place
A big thank you to Dave Hise of Casters Fly Shop for coming up with the Eggi-Juan Kenobi fly. That thing is a killer on lots of fish, but especially on suckers. I am hoping to play with a few redhorse this coming weekend on those things!

I did have to keep the fish because it was a record. I did feel some remorse for removing such a large, old fish from the wild but the species is in no immediate danger (being the most widely distributed fish in Vermont). I promise that I didn't just huck the fish off a bridge or something though: this sucker shall live on! My friend Al Moorehouse took the fish and is doing a skin mount for me. Thank you Al- for all your help!!!! (Name suggestions are welcome!) 

This feels magical!

Gives us a kiss Precious!


  1. Drew is the sucker king; he can do anything. Wow ... you're like ... a celebrity or something.

  2. Congrats...very cool! It LOOKS magical. ;)

  3. Excellent, Drew! That's a monsta' sucka'.

  4. drew well done any chance of a picture of the fly

  5. Thanks guys! Dave- if you look at the picture of its mouth (the third pic) you can see the fly firmly in the corner of its mouth.

  6. nice work brother. Congratulations!

  7. Nicely done man...that's some fish!!!