Thursday, September 1, 2011

Devestation on the Dog

 I don't typically mention names of rivers or other locations I spend time, but I am going to in this case. I live in the Dog River valley and we just got hit by Tropical Storm Irene. Things are trashed along the river. It is a very different place now. Some good, some bad. I have a lot of photos that I can and will put up over the coming days.

5:30pm Sunday night. Note the abandoned building to the left. 18000cfs.
My biggest concern right now is fuel oil. When I was taking photos and looking around last night I found the overwhelming odor of fuel oil coming from the river and a sheen of it on there too. I headed upstream to try to find the source but I couldn't. I ended up calling the Vermont Hazmat emergency number. They are on it today. Hopefully they can find the source.

Here are a few shots:

Same shot Tuesday morning. Note building. 500 cfs.

Downstream from Riverton trestle Sunday 5:30 pm. 18000 cfs

Downstream from Riverton trestle 6pm Thursday. 250cfs.

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