Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Good Week on the Water

Lots of fish moving around these days!  I have had a great week on the water. Somehow I managed to lose a bunch of pictures transferring from the camera to the computer so take my word on a couple of fish-  a 21" landlocked salmon that leaped like crazy and a similar steelhead of 19". Great for after work fishing!

But the real fun was having a chance to do what I love to do this time of year... big browns on the menu! Things really blew out yesterday... but before they did I put some serious time on the water and it paid off. Lots of big fish out there if you know where to look (and I do!). I started off the day with a couple of decent rainbows but it was the browns I was most interested in. 

 I found this big fella hanging out and he gladly took a well presented nymph. He tore around the stream, up and down. I managed to beach him. He taped out to 23". I got him in a similar location to a fish one of my students named "Steve" last year. He looks quite similar to that fish as well and happens to be 23" just like Steve was; I have named my new friend Steve II. 

Tossing streamers brought some other fish to hand too. Another 14" 'bow and a couple of nice browns of 18" and 17"! Nice to finish the day out!

Only just a little time left of trout season... One more weekend of it! I do have one day free next week if anyone wants to get out!