Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Great Fall Fishing

Kurt G working a streamer back
Things have been rather busy for me so I have to appologize for the lack of posting recently. With a move on the horizon (that puts me VERY close to Lake Champlain!!!) you should see a return to more regular posting on here. 

Having said that, I have been guiding quite a bit and been on the water a few times myself. Now is the time to hunt big browns. Last Sunday I had a client hook up with 6 browns over 20". These are wild fish and they put on one hell of a show! Unfortunately every one of those fish either came unbuttoned or broke off. However, my client had the best day of trout fishing he has ever had in Vermont and is considering another trip before the end of the season. Without naming names, he is a local and one hell of a great fisherman! 

Nice brookie Kurt!
I had an old friend out for trout a couple of weeks ago too. It was a bright sunny day which makes things difficult. Big browns are not fans of bright light. But we worked the stream hard. He had a few follows from fish over the course of the day but nothing wanted to commit. That was until we got to some falls. Here there were fish that were willing to play!  Kurt hooked up with a big brown that came unbuttoned on a run toward freedom. Persistence paid off though. Another small brown was hooked and then another fish was on. That last fish ended up being a gorgeous 13" wild brook trout which made the trip!  Beautiful fish Kurt!  Now we just need to get Gerry out there!!!

I got out last night. I went to a spot I had my client over the weekend. I was working a visible fish when all of a sudden my line went tight and headed upstream. Next thing I know the line was flying downstream rapidly. Oh look, there's my backing... A dash downstream got me to the fish which got off before I could land it. I did get a good look and I would estimate it around 18" or so. Nice wild brown.

Meet Steve!
I worked back upstream and was drifting a fish when I heard a little bird whistling behind me. My buddy Kurt Budliger (check out his photography if you haven't already!!!) had decided to join me! I had him get in position and we both worked this large brown. Camouflage really pays off in the fall...  I managed to lose my rig and Kurt tried his luck. His luck was the same as mine... losing the entire rig. I was ready to go again with a single October Prince. I haven't said a lot about this fly, but big brown trout hate it and just smash it when it is nearby. A couple of drifts later the line went tight and darted upstream right for a rock that had been the demise of one of my client's fish the other day. Not happening for me though! I dashed to the rock and let the fish work its way around it. It charged upstream and I put some pressure on it. He decided to change directions and head downstream. 

Steve with the OP (Kurt Budliger photo)

I landed the fish down in some slack water. My net was barely big enough (and I have a big net!). I put him against the ruler on my rod- 23". Gorgeous fish. Long jawed butter brown!  Gotta love that. One of my students at school has been requesting that I name the next fish I catch Steve. Well, meet Steve the wild, long-jaw, Vermont brown trout!

A second fish, a hen, pulled the same stunts as the last two fish and she rounded out the day. The picture is a bit blurry (my camera went into the drink) but it was a gorgeous fish of about 20". Her red spots were so vibrant I would have sworn she had batteries for them.
Gorgeous fish- Kurt has better pics that will appear later!

The end of the open season is looming but I have a couple of days available if anyone is interested. Shoot me an email and let me know. After that I have plans for some other fish, including a couple I have never caught before but have wanted to for a long time... more details on that later!

Its a little blurry, but I love this photo of Kurt!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Brown Trout Assortment

So I have to move this month. My best friend Beth and I are parting ways (amicably, but its still not easy) and I could use some help making this transition. So I am offering up a dozen of my favorite brown trout flies for $25. It is two each of the flies in the photo. All of these flies have been used successfully by me for fall browns (landlocks and brookies too!). This is a great selection of flies that I always have with me on the water this time of year. Included in this bunch of flies are some streamers that have done well for me, but also a couple of my October Prince- big browns HATE this fly!  

Email me at if you want a set of these (or other flies too- I can tie trout to musky flies and all sorts of goodies in between!)

The October Prince at work!

Olive and Orange Clouser scores!