Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Champlain Carpin'

Tim with his first carp ever! Great job on that Tim!
Tim hit me up for my Learn to Champlain Carp special on Friday. It was a great day for it too. Lots of carp around mudding, circulating, doing all the things that carp do. Combine that with a light wind and great sunlight it is a sight fishing carp dream come true. Within the first hour of being on the water Tim had a carp on but it dug into the weeds hard and broke him off on a fast run. Big fish and light tippet can do that.  Something similar happened a couple of hours later and the fish came unbuttoned so we got the fly back. Barry Reynold's new fly pattern is really kicking some carp butt on Champlain. I think he is waiting until his new book comes out to showcase it so it really isn't my place to debut it online. I will be happy to show it to you and help you get a fish on one if you book a trip though!

That's a lot of fish and fun for Tim!
 It got down to the last half an hour of the trip and Tim got a great cast into a pod of carp. One of the fish jumped on it and he had his third fish of the day on! It took off into the emergent weeds and I told him what to do and the leader came out unscathed. The fish went on a short run but was really a bulldog fighter. It took about 25 minutes to land that fish. It really put Tim and the tackle to the test- but he was up to it and so was the Hydros and 3X Mirage (the best fluoro out there- thank you Orvis!). 

The fish came it at 15 pounds and was a great fish for Tim. He could not get the grin off his face and I can't blame him. 

I snuck out with Kevin yesterday to get in some carp and gar time. I managed a 10 lb carp on the new Barry fly (love that thing!- thanks again for sharing!). A pretty typical Champlain fish that was mudding. They have been mudding like crazy this year. Wind direction has been a great indicator of where to find them.
I just love carp!

The gar were around but the combination of wind and half-assed sun made it tough to find them. Mostly they ended up too close to the boat and spooked. Keep your fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow- two guys heading out on the lake!

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