Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carpe Carpio

I got out for some carp with my buddy and photographer extraordinaire Kurt Budliger today. We had a good day. I caught my two largest carp ever. See the pictures for the proof.  It is on right now if you want to get one!
Carpzilla comes to hand after a year of chasing it!
It is a pig!  No question about that! Bottomed out the 30 lb Boga grip- conservative guess is 35 lbs.

'Nuff Said.

About an hour after the first one, this one grabbed the same fly (thanks for the heads up Barry Reynolds!)
37.5" and 28 lbs. Another Master Class Carp- # 3 this year!

Oh yea, the day started with a 28", 8 lb Master Class bowfin too... Come on, don't you want to try this?  Let me get you out there!


  1. Very impressive Drew ... I might be a little jealous of the fishery you have up your way.

  2. that thing is a TANK....nicely done man!!!

  3. Yes very nice fish, Can you show a picture of Kurt's new fly too?