Saturday, August 27, 2011

Client Feedback

A few weeks ago I had a client that took me up on my Learn to Champlain Carp Special. Tim hooked 3 fish and soaked up everything that I taught him. I just received an email from him with a thank you. He was more than happy to let me share it with my readers:

Tim with a nice carp!
Hey Drew,
I hope all is well and that you are having some great late summer fishing. Attached is a picture of me and the carp I caught today. I wanted to make sure to send you the first picture. It was because of you and all of the great knowledge that you taught me that I was able to get this fish. It was really cool. As soon as I saw the fish I started to remember all of your teachings. Thank you so much! And I hope you know what a great job guiding that you do.

                                                                                     Tim O'Leary 

There are still some opportunities left for folks that want to learn how to carp still! The fishing can be good through September. I am hoping that Champlain doesn't get too messy with Hurricane Irene, but it should clear up quickly in any case. Hit me up, I want to teach you how to do this!

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