Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rusty Spinner: A Primitive Experience

It was a GAR-gantuan good time! I love this shot!

I had an opportunity to guide a fellow blogger, Rusty Spinner, yesterday and we had an excellent day out on the water together!  Check out what Rusty had to say about it here:

 I had a great time putting him on his first bowfin and gar. I really need to start keeping track of how many folks catch their first bowfin and gar with me.....

Here are some shots from the day:
First bowfin ever!  We boated over 30 lbs of bowfin in a few hours of fishing...

Rusty looking pretty pleased with his first gar!
Show me another Vermont fly fishing guide that has put a client on a 46" fish this year.....

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