Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Angler Interview- Carpzilla

So speaketh the Mighty Carpe
I got a little wrapped up in a few things like guiding and fishing this week and I didn't get my interview questions out to the person I planned to. So instead I got out my aquaphone and dialed up Carpzilla- this monsterous carp I got to know last summer. I thought that an interview with him might give some insight into the mindset that carp in Lake Champlain have. No question it was a pretty unique interview.  Here goes!

How did you get your start in fly fishing?

Well man, I don’t fly fish. I AM the fish. Geez, what kind of idiot are you?

Well, that got off on the wrong foot… so how long have people been fly fishing for you in Lake Champlain?

Well, not too long actually. Every now and then you get guys out there plunkin’ worms or corn but not many of you guys throwing flies. There are a lot of idiots out there that like to shoot us with arrows. No catch and release there. There are a few more of you bug chuckers these days, but really not too many. The lake is so big and so few guys have the skills or knowledge they need to fool us. Present company excluded of course.
Thanks CZ (Carpzilla)! So what are you guys chowing down on out there anyway?
yum yum in my tum tum- San Juan Twin strikes again!

Oh man… really depends- we eat anything! Right now those big Hexagenia mayflies are big for most guys. There are millions of those bugs around and everything loves to eat them- especially us. But we eat anything we can find- insects, crustaceans, worms, popcorn, small fish, hell, I even got to munch on a hot dog some kid dropped off a boat. Pretty sweet meal that was! Oh yea, I almost forgot our veggies- algae and plants get gobbled too. I don’t know if there is much that we won’t eat. Maybe spinnerbaits… yea, no spinnerbaits.

Is there anything out there that can eat you?

Man, once we get to about 10 pounds or so there isn’t much to worry about. Well, maybe the occasional otter, a damned big channel cat or maybe a grab from a big snapping turtle. Once we hit 20 lbs or so there isn’t anything that can get us. If the musky program that the state has going on we might have something to worry about.
Just some carp- seriously!

Champ- that bunch of crap that some of you humans have come up with- no threat. Imaginary animals are no threat to anyone especially to us carp. I mean, if something that big was out there it would be making mincemeat out of us. Do you think that a big predator might make some sort of impact on our population? Damned right! Now that doesn’t stop a bunch of us from swimming in sync with one another by a big boat now and then. Good for the tourists to believe in some crap like that. Keeps things interesting.

Is there anything that scares you out there?

Those damned bowfin sneak up and scare the crap out of us sometimes. They are just ugly and mean. Smell pretty horrid too. But as neighbors go, they could be worse. Besides- they were here first. We have plenty of other neighbors that are somewhat annoying as well- sunfish, perch and bass. Not scary, just a pain in the anal fin.

So what do you think of this crazy lake level this year?
Current lake level- where it should be mid May

Man it has been a load of fun! Swimming up flooded roads, spawning on rich people’s lawns! Just a ton of fun for us! Lots of new places to chill out. I mean, think about it- when was the last time any of us carp were able to swim into buildings? Still lots of water out there now too. Lots of food kicking around. To top it off the water is pretty dirty still. We can’t be seen as easily which makes our life a little safer. It is clearing up a bit, but it will probably be dirty for the rest of the year.

Any advice for those of us who are trying to catch you with flies?

No comment.

Want to learn how to catch this? Hit me up!

Dude, do you really expect me to tell you all of our secrets? Come on... you already have the game mostly figured out so why should I tell you anything more? 
What I will tell you is that we do spook easily- sight, sound and vibration let us know what is going on around us. You know that. Just don't teach other guys how to do it.

Now that you mention it, I am running a Learn to Champlain Carp Special for the next month... 6 hours for $200 (email me for details!)

Oh crap, just what we need. More of you guys that know what you are doing. What is this going to mean for us carp?  

Well Carpzilla, it means that you could have a lot more fly anglers that know what they are doing chasing after you and the thousands of your brothers and sisters that are out there?

Great... just great....

I might see you tomorrow...  Where should I look for you on a Saturday evening?

I will just be hanging out at the Sand Bar.



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  1. " -- I am the fish, Geez." Great post, Drew.