Sunday, July 10, 2011

MCA Client Bowfun!!!

The time for bowfin action is now!!! Master Class Angling (my guide service) has been putting clients on some great bowfin and other fish for the past week!  Check out the smiles on their faces! I am booking up so please get in touch with me through my website or email me directly at to book at trip with the best fly fishing guide service working the backwaters of Lake Champlain!

Clark washed the smell of skunk off his hand with this bass!

And then shortly had some bowfun! Missing half it's dorsal made this 'fin even more angry!
Clark is still smiling from this lil' guy!

Now there is a bruiser male bowfin!  Master Class too!
Clark's final bowfin of the day- Master Class bowfin- 28 1/2" 8 lbs! Master Class Angling at work!

David Paul Williams- angler and angling author from Washington with his first bowfin ever! A male, 29 1/8", 9 lbs- Master Class fish!
Another fine bowfin for David- another Master Class fish too!  29 3/4" and 9 lbs!

A fat smaller bowfinnegan! Smiles all around!
A nice bucketmouth rounded out the day for David- too bad he didn't get the monster we saw....

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