Monday, July 11, 2011

Bowfun for the Fish and Wildlife Commissioner

A typical Champlain bowfin for Commissioner Berry
I got out yesterday with Vermont Fish and Wildlife Commissioner Pat Berry to chase some bowfin. It was a very successful outing! He landed 6 bowfin, hooked several others (including one serious PIG of a fish). One of the landed fish was 28 1/4" and 8 lbs. Master Class Angling gets the F&W Commissioner his first Master Angler entry!  Just a recap of the weekend- that is 17 bowfin on the fly in 3 days with 5 of those Master Class fish (28" or better). Don't you want to book a trip yourself?
The VT F&W Commissioner's first Master Angler entry- a 28 1/4" 8.25 lb bowfin lead to the quote of the day from him- "Does this mean that I have to sign my own certificate? That's not good"

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