Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Master Angler Entries for 2016

I had a lot of fun with the Vermont Master Angler Program in 2016. There were two big challenges for me with it- add to the species total (I started the year at 29 species) and in 2016 the state launched the Bonus Challenge. Being an angler that is completely obsessed with this program (yep, total fanboy... I own it...) I had to get both of these done. And I ended up adding two new species and was only one of two people that got the bonus challenge. 

The two species that I added were the American shad and the cisco. Both really neat fish and deserving their own post each, which will happen soon. 

The Bonus Challenge was a different animal. 5 randomly picked species and there was a prize for the winners.  So that drove me to chase those 5 species, species I had caught before but ones I may not have been quite so driven to chase without the program. More on that in another post soon...

So here all the entries are:

Yellow Perch 13", Lake Champlain

White sucker, 20" Mill River

Bowfin, 29", Lake Champlain

Smallmouth bass

American shad, 26", Connecticut River

Northern Pike, 36", Lake Champlain

Chain pickerel, 24", Lake Champain
Longnose gar, 47", Lake Champlain

Fallfish, 15", Otter Creek

Brown trout, 23", 6 lbs, Lake Champlain

Cisco, 16", Lake Champlain

Landlocked Salmon, 25", Clyde River

Lake trout, 30", Lake Champlain

White perch, 13", Lake Champlain

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