Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spring Pike

The pike are really starting to turn on! The water temps are perfect to find big fish in shallow water. When I was out chasing them a couple of days ago I came across a few bruisers in less than three feet of water. Huge fish... they definitely had my heard pumping fast!

I got into 4 fish. The small one was 23", two that were 27" and the big fish of the day was 32". I should have moved around a lot more than I did (I spent most of the day working one area very hard) but that is a live and learn moment. I know better now. 

Bunny bugs were the fly choice of the day. The classic red and white Dardevle style combo was the ticket for me. Those flies are fantastic and are very tough too. Barry Reynolds likes to call them pike chew toys! They do hold up to a lot of abuse and look absolutely sexy in the water. If you haven't ever used bunny flies for pike you are missing out!
The next month or so should be some of the best pike fishing of the year, at least number wise. The fish are hungry and the water temps are perfect for them right now. I am definitely going to be putting in a fair amount of time looking for them over the next month. 

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