Thursday, May 2, 2013

Master Class Pike!

Master Class Pike baby!
I have been working on my list of Master Class fish for the Vermont Master Angler Program. Last week I got a new species for me- the yellow perch- and I have just added another species, my 22nd, the Northern Pike!

I thought the day was going to be a bust at first. I got to my spot and had three guys in a speedboat roll in right in front of me. They were fishing, but they came within 20 feet of where I was fishing in this huge white boat. The kind of boat that is built for speed, not fishing. It put everything down where I was working. I was a bit annoyed to say the least. Especially when they left and gunned it. They were half a mile away and I could still feel the vibrations from their motor in my feet through the bottom of my canoe.
What great colors!

I moved on to a different area. I started seeing fish... big fish! I started casting a red and white bunny bug into the shallows. Within a couple of casts I see a shape following in my fly. It was a pike and that pike looked like it had bad intentions for that fleeing fly it was after. I watched it with anticipation as it chased that fly closer to the boat. I paused the fly for a second to let it drop and just as I was stripping it again that fish flared its gills and pounced on the fly. It is so awesome to watch a take up close and personal like that. It wasn't more than 15 feet from the boat and I had a front row seat. 

The fish bolted for deeper water and I struggled a bit with line all over the place. To make every cast count I have been blasting out 80-90 foot casts to cover as much water as possible. That has been paying off!  I got the fish to the boat and worked the boat to the shallows as fast as possible. The ruler didn't lie- 36"! My Master Class pike was taken care of!  A few self timer shots and she swam off quick as lightning.
32" is no slouch for a Champlain Pike!

Within the next half a dozen casts I had another great pike on- that one was 32". I had takes and follows from several others. I only saw one pike under 30". Sweet! The bowfin were kicking around in good numbers too... Guess where Kevin and I are heading to tonight?

So that fish will be my 5th entry for this year which qualifies me for the Master Angler pin for 2013. It is species #22 for me in the program. I am hoping to get at least 2 or 3 other new species this year. Stay tuned for more!

If you want to get out for some of this hot pike action get in touch with me! With the weather the way it is right now things will be hot for the next couple of weeks. If it gets too warm though these fish will head to deeper water. Now is the time for big pike! Email me if you want to do it!
Freshly tied and ready for action!

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