Friday, May 17, 2013

Bowfin Fun

I got out with Shane and Larry the other night. It was a great time. Went to a small local wetland area where there are plenty of bowfin to be found. It was an evening fish and the lower light can make conditions a bit difficult. I was a bit concerned because of the lower temps we have been having at night, but I was hoping that the "swamp muskies" would be on board with some game time. I wasn't disappointed!

I had revamped my canoe earlier to put in a different seat in the back for me and a seat just in front of me to make it easier to have 3 people in the boat. It worked out really well. The pics tell that story. 

Larry isn't a fly fisherman but has been making his own rods for years. He uses fly rod blanks and puts a spinning reel on them. The big thing is that he only uses 2 lb test line. I thought we were in for some lost fish but I wanted to see if this would work. Once again, I wasn't disappointed. He picked up on the search pattern for bowfin really quickly and spotted one within 5 minutes of getting to our destination. That fish had no problem taking a fly presented with Larry's untested rod! 

Shane started counting to see how long before that fish broke off the 2lb test. It tore off through the weeds and charged around just like bowfin do. Larry was in charge though. He carefully played that fish and got it to where I could put it in the net. First fish in the boat! A very respectable 8 pound 28" Master Class bowfin to start things off!

Up next was Shane. Shane decided he would rather go with my Predator rod set up. The short, stout rod works great for these guys. He missed the first couple of fish. It takes practice to get used to how these fish take. The fly can be in and out of their mouth really fast. Eventually we got one and it was hot! It tore off through the marsh and put the rod to the test. Shane had an ear to ear grin. 

Unfortunately that was the last fish of the night. I had a great time out with these guys and it sure seemed like they had a great time too. 

Hopefully I can get you out on the lake after something you have never caught before. Hit me up to book a trip!

the new back seat/poling platform.


  1. Nicely done on the back deck ...

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