Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've had a tough few months. This may not be the best place to let some of these things out, but its an outlet for me, so here goes. 

I lost one of the most special people in my life a couple of months ago. Things between my fiance and I weren't working out. We loved each other very much, but we really had different plans in life. So things ended. It has been pretty hard on me, really emotionally and mentally draining. And with the end of that relationship came the loss of another of my best friends- the little dog she had that I became very attached to. Things just aren't the same without them both.

So here I am starting over again. I made a move to be closer to work and potential teaching jobs. It wasn't easy. I had a lot of severe asthma issues in the process which certainly did not make things any easier. 

I have been trying to fish a lot and reconnect with friends. I have been pretty fortunate to have some great friends who have been there for me.

One friend that I have tried to get out fishing with a number of times just hasn't returned any of my calls. This is someone that I have a lot of respect for and really enjoy fishing with. He has been fishing quite a bit with another good friend of mine, so when I had the chance to ask him what was going on, I did. Apparently that was the wrong thing to do. Now he has decided to insult me for taking on the challenge provided by Vermont Master Angler Program and it seems that he is just cutting me out as a friend. I'm not sure what is going on, but its just another loss to put on the pile. 

Here is to hoping that things will work out all around. I need my friends now more than ever.


  1. Good luck Drew. Hopefully these changes will bring you new opportunities and challenges and allow you to grow as a person.

  2. Thanks Jeff... I know they will. It just sucks dealing with it...

  3. sometimes it just helps to get it all out! Just writing down what I am thinking or worried about or even sad about makes me feel better. You can go back 6 months from now and see how you have changed for the better. Keep your head up

  4. Dustin- thanks! I will be out this week a few times for sure... hopefully the fish will cooperate... have some big perch and lake trout in mind... maybe steelhead and pike/musky later on

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