Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Damon casting to salmon on Champlain
I have been wanting to spend a little time in a Jackson Kayaks Coosa for a while and last week Damon Bungard of JK let me do just that. I have to say this- I want a couple!  I found the 'yak to be very stable , although I have to admit being a bit nervous out on deep water in Lake Champlain in November... That is a reflection of me not the boat. We did spend a fair amount of time in shallower water where I stood most of the time. It took a bit for me to get used to the balance since I am used to my canoe, but overall it was a great platform to fish from. 

I really liked all the storage on the boat. Two closable compartments with lids, a watertight container for valuables and a behind the seat storage area for the gear you need quickly. Very impressive storage features indeed. Carrying two rigged rods was not an issue either. There are great spots to put second rods so they are not in the way and keep your line from getting tangled (if there were only a way to do that with feet!).

Not my pic, but a good idea of what the cockpit is like.
One thing I really liked and have liked since I have seen this design is the two grooves in the back of the boat for an anchor or a drag chain. The Coosa is primarily a river boat and this feature lets  you drop a chain to slow down or an anchor to stop. Damon and I both used anchors to hold ourselves in place to cast to lakers (which didn't appear) and salmon (who were not interested). I definitely see an easy modification with a pulley and a cam cleat to make that a bit easier. 

I see a couple of Coosas in my future for next year. They will definitely be great to fish out of, a great way to put an extra person or two on the water with me and a whole lot of fun. Definitely psyched to be introduced to a great boat by a great friend. Thanks Damon and looking forward to working with a couple of Jackson Kayaks next year... oh yea... can't wait to see the Cuda too...

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