Monday, February 7, 2011

Fly Lipp Fun

Chartreuse Wobbla... wobble, wobble, wham!

You might have seen my previous post with some experimenting with a cool product- Fly Lipps. These awesome lipps are just what predator flies need to get them to do some sweet dance moves to put the smack down on some big fish!  Putting them on the bottom of the hook lets the fly dig deep crankbait style, but putting it on the top will make it ride up and create a commotion that screams "dying bait right here!".  Sound like something I might like? You bet your sweet bippy!

So I present you with my latest two creations- Diver Down and the Wobbla. I can't wait to get these flies in some real water, but for the time being bathtub testing shows these flies to be working just like I expected them to. I know, it is definitely not the same. With the winter we are having in Vermont it just isn't easy to find open water to test them out in- especially water that is legally open to fish. If someone has an indoor pool they will let me use I would love it!
Diver Down- a little VH anyone?

Diver Down is going to be a killer. There is a lot of foam hidden underneath all that bunny. It floats like a cork- until you give it a tug. Then that lipp digs it under the surface really nicely but it pops right up to the top shortly there after. I am going to do this in a much bigger size (think musky- wait, I always think musky- not a bad thing!). Lots of color schemes come to mind too.... I love this fly! I suspect it might get the attention of snook and reds and tarpon and a few other critters when I head down to Florida in April too...
Red and white Wobbla- reds and pike beware...

The Wobbla is a fun fly too. The way the lipp is put on there will keep the fly wiggling back and forth near the surface of the water acting just like a hurt fish. Think that might get some much desired attention from predators looking for an easy score? Oooooooooh yea... That wool head is going to push some water too. This fly will definitely get snook moving out of the mangroves too. I might put some silicone on the wool too.... Gonna be fun!

 I know I only have them in the two color schemes right now, but that will change shortly- lots of colors planned!  I just haven't had all that much time to play with tying recently. These flies will be for sale on my website shortly too.  I think weedguards will be on them as well. I love new patterns, don't you?  But I love field testing them more....


  1. Awesome stuff, I've got a few spots in Jerz where they would KILL

  2. May have to try some on the bowfin n gar this year..... !