Friday, February 4, 2011

Flies for Sale

Champlain Crawdad
****Warning- Shameless Self Promotion Ahead!!!*****
Crease fly

As part of my new venture, Master Class Angling, I am now offering custom, hand tied flies for sale. I have been tying flies for 18 years and I provide a very high quality product. I am only using chemically sharpened hooks on the majority of my flies, and I will hand sharpen larger hooks that require it. My flies are not discount internet flies- these are the flies that I fill my personal fly boxes with. I also use techniques to strengthen my flies so that they do not fall apart after a few casts. As long as the fly doesn’t end up on the bottom, in a tree or lost in a fish they should last you for years. I still have (and use) pike and musky streamers that I tied 10 years ago.
Crystal Bugger

Being a warm-water focused angler, I am not going to offer dry flies. I am offering a wide variety of streamers and nymphs to catch species such as pike, musky, carp, bass, bowfin, pickerel, gar, and of course trout. Many of my larger streamer patterns are also excellent for saltwater fish too. Some of the flies that I have for sale are my own signature patterns- flies I have developed myself. Look for more new flies from me in the future as well.
Saranac Stonefly

The list of flies that I will be offering should be up on my website within the next week or so. If you would like any of these flies in colors, sizes or weights I do not have listed please get in touch with me. These flies will not be the only flies that I tie; please email me with custom fly requests, I am more than happy to tie whatever you want. Along the same line, if you require large quantities of flies please contact me for discounts and a time frame for completion.

I am looking forward to supplying you with high quality, hand tied, custom Vermont fishing flies!

Drew Price
Field testing flies for suckers...

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