Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fatt Lipp

Barred Chartreuse

I got some Fly Lipps in yesterday and started toying around with them a bit. Cool product. It will all a lot of motion to a fly- making them ride up or down in the water column and give them an interesting side to side wobble too. After I ordered the product, I started thinking about a fly design that would be great using it. And I came up with a good one!
Classic Red and White- pike will love this...

I call it the Fatt Lipp (duo-double consonants- gotta love it, right?).  It is big, will move a fair amount of water, has a lot of natural motion in the water before the Lipp gets it moving around even more. I tie it pretty tough too so it should last. Nice big ol' hook on it to put those pike, muskies and other critters on the end of the line. I think it is going to be a winner. Hopefully Barry will let me know what he thinks after he gets my package...
Better view of the lip...


  1. drew that rocks have you thought about putting the lip on top man that would shift some water

  2. oh yes, the lip will be on both top and bottom. I have plenty to toy around with too. I will send some your way as well. Might trade you for some of those Gill Plates.

  3. nice man...I spoke with Greg yesterday...He said he was excited to see what you came up with....

  4. Pat- that is just the beginning... more coming soon!