Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Funny/Strange Photo Contest

As an unofficial kick off to my new fly tying/guiding business, Master Class Angling, I decided that it would be a lot of fun to have a little photo contest for the readers of my blog. I am all about humor in fly fishing. The tweed wearing, trout grass obsessed, uptight upstream only dry fly anglers who lack a funny bone need not apply for this one!

Here is the gig:

Email me the photo (with a story if you want) to by February 15, 2011.

Make sure it is a funny or strange picture from a fishing adventure (no your kitty asleep in the garbage can will not make it this time) and that it is appropriate- please no photos with you doing something unnatural with a fish (JP, this could mean you are out!).Think fumbled fish, weird outfits, stupid moves, whatever you got, send it to me!  

Check with a friend to make sure it is really funny. Seriously. I mean it. 

So here are the prizes:

First place: A one day oddball excursion on Lake Champlain for bowfin/carp/gar/drum (and whatever else we find). One on one in the canoe for 8-9 hours of guided fishing. Transportation to VT and lodging not included (sorry guys).

Second place:  18 Pike and Musky flies. From topwater to bottom dredging, this selection will bring in those toothy critters.

Third place: Lake Champlain Oddball Fly Selection. If you want to target longnose gar, bowfin, freshwater drum, carp and suckers, this bunch of two dozen flies will get the job done for you! And they will work beyond Lake Champlain.

I will post all the entries shortly after the deadline (2/15/11) and then a decision will be made. I will make arrangements with the winners for their prizes shortly thereafter.

Looking forward to some good laughs!


  1. hahaa....gotta find me some of them waders!! talk about STYLE!!

  2. Ryan, those are the finest waders that you can find on the side of the river!

  3. Pretty good for the middle of July. So, boat fishing last night was refreshing in that I had young men learning to fish. Joseph Fabiano