Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Palmer Hackle Flies

I stopped by Classic Outfitters in South Burlington yesterday to get a white bucktail. Along with some great conversations with the guys there I also found a new Wapsi product that I will be using a whole lot- their new palmer hackle.  Good stuff!  I whipped up a few flies after getting home from doing my seminar at the Yankee Sportsman's Classic.  Here are the results on some pictures from my childhood angling bible called Fish and Fishing (a Better Homes and Gardens Book):
This should be fun on the outside of lily pads...
This baby will get a pike's attention!
This should be great near dams

A simple baitfish pattern
Even this lady should get a few trout with this fly!
These flies and others will be available for sale soon on my website!  I am starting to take orders. I can tie just about anything you want, just let me know what you need...


  1. nice little arrangement Drew.....missed your presentation boys were too enthralled in the trout pond and archery station. Hope it went well for you.