Friday, December 10, 2010

Redneck Peacock

Some of you may have heard of him.... the redneck that likes to catch pike on the long rod, ties a lot of big pike flies, has an unhealthy obsession with fiberglass rods, and is often found chewing the chain that he is kept on... Vermont's own Ken Capsey. Ken just wrote on his blog that he was going to head down to South Floriday to catch one of the most gorgeous cichilds around- the peacock bass (yes, it is a cichlid, not a bass- one of the many fish name games that I will spew about in a future post).The canals in S. Fla are loaded with native and non-native game fish and the peacock is one of the most often sought. They fight like hell and are just about as pretty as you can get. I am hoping that Ken will have a chance to meet up with and possibly get a guided trip with Cordell Baum- the Bonefish Whisperer . Not only is Cordell a master of no motor, no drag flats fishing in Miami, he is also the guys you want with you when you hit the canals. 

Since I am a nice guy (rebuttals accepted), I decided to take pity on Ken and tie him up some flies to catch the canal gamefish. You can't go anywhere without a few nice Clouser Minnows, so that was where I started. Some nice bright South Beach colors are the key!
The assortment.

Lots of flash and action...
So I have been playing with some new epoxy flies and when I posted a few up on Facebook I got this comment from Cordell:  

looking good Drew...bring those down to the Everglades, I dare you...

Well, since I am not going to be able to get there this year myself, I will send Ken as my epoxy proxy!  So Cordell, hopefully you will get a chance to see how these work yourself!
Expoxy selection
Yellow and green
I think these flies look yummy.... hopefully the fish think so too... Can't wait to hear the reports.. Dare accepted!


  1. nice flies drew with what im sending him south with the old sod wont need to take his own , hang on has the redneck had the pair of us