Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Help Out the Hoosic

Hey anyone and everyone reading this blog. The Rusty Spinner alerted me about the danger facing the Hoosic River in Southern Vermont and asked me to share it with anyone that could possibly help. This is a big issue!  Half a million gallons used from the river a day and it would be returned to the river super heated!  The Hoosic is a great wild brown and brook trout fishery and this would have profound impacts on the survival of those fish. Please share this with anyone that you think would be able to help! 

From the Rusty Spinner's blog:

We need your help. A vital and scenic watershed is facing a threat unlike anything it has previously encountered. The Hoosic River and its trout are in danger.

"Beaver Wood Energy, LLC, has proposed a massive 29.5 megawatt biomass incinerator for the former Green Mountain Race Track in Pownal, VT and are attempting to rush the permitting process in order to qualify for millions of dollars in federal taxpayer subsidies."

This incinerator will burn 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The plant's cooling towers will extract 500,000 gallons of water per day from the river. When the river experiences drought, the plant will draw from an on-site well that is fed by the same water table that feeds the river. This superheated water will then be returned to the Hoosic.

The Bennington-Berkshire Citizen's Coalition has come together to, "demand that we are given the respect we deserve as citizens and taxpayers to have a time to complete a full review of the proposal as serious concerns have arisen related to air pollution, water use, public health and safety, traffic, aesthetics, natural environment, and historic preservation as well as the direct impact on abutting residential homes and neighbors, real estate values, and the local agriculture/farming community."

Please help us fight this menace. Click on the link below to register as a concerned citizen. There is no cost. There is no obligation. There is only your concern for yet another coldwater fishery facing the threats of ignorance and greed.

Please help .... Please ....

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