Monday, July 7, 2014

The Bowfun Begins!

Alan contacted me about learning more about how to sight fish. It is summer time in Vermont and what better fish to learn about sight fishing than bowfin? They get big and teach a lot about looking for fish. Of course it helps that they are more than willing to grab onto a fly and give it a good shake too! 

The water wasn't as clear as I was hoping for because of a combination of wind (it was really blowing on Saturday), earlier storms (the July 4th storm was serious business) and feeding carp (a bunch of carp feeding on the bottom gets messy fast). There was enough clear water to find the fish, but some spots were tougher than others. 

There were plenty of shots at bowfin throughout the day. Multiple times there were several fish around the boat at the same time. We only saw one real bruiser but the water is still fairly cool for this time of year. There were other fish around too- he had shots at big bass, gar and carp. Alan learned just how spooky carp can be as well. They are awesome fish but definitely one that takes a lot of patience.

Did he have a great day? Take a look at the smile on his face! 


  1. Bowfin on the fly, thats pretty epic man! Wish I had some around me to give it a go. Do they fight well?

    1. They fight pretty awesome! Come get some!