Saturday, July 12, 2014

Champlain Flats Slam... for Both Anglers!

Some serious carpage there Pete!
Any day that I get to spend fishing with my brother Pete is pretty awesome but today was one of the absolute best! Perfect wind, perfect sun, the fish were out and active... the result was that we both got a Lake Champlain Flats Slam- smallmouth, carp, and drum!  Freakin' awesome! I am riding high from that right now!

Pete is super psyched too. He has only caught one carp before and that fish was a nice one but it was in the weeds and didn't get to do what carp normally do... this one was a different ballgame. He cast to it, saw the take and the fish took off. It wasn't a huge one but his smile was! He was pumped to have his feet on the ground when he got it too. 

My carp was a tad bigger and a first for me- the first carp I have caught barefoot and shirtless! Pretty fun actually! Lovely fish too.

Pete hit a nice smallie after we chased drum for a bit. The big ones weren't playing but the smaller guys did. I hit a decent one with a new crawfish pattern (pics up soon I promise) and then I got a smallmouth. He wanted in on the Champlain Flats Slam... so we found him a nice lil puppy drum. They are fun fish for sure! His first too.

So you can see we had a lot of fun getting our Lake Champlain Flats Slam... do you want one now? Hit me up and lets talk! 

Right on! Great take with this fish- we both got to see it!
Pete's grin tells the whole story!

Drum are a blast when you get them on the fly! The big ones are on the list...

Pete's first drum... bigger ones to follow!
Smallmouth action!

Pete with the ever popular "there WAS a drum right there" look...

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  1. Too neat! That lake has got to be almost unique. It seems, to me an outsider, that is may be the meeting point of species north, south, east and west. Simply awesome place.