Friday, March 30, 2012

Pike Half and Halfs

Perhaps my favorite pike fly of all time... I have a few ready for this weekend...  Sorry about the poor quality... just wanted pics up fast for this morning!


  1. Drew-
    Great looking flies. Do you normally throw this size for pike. I would typically consider this too small to get the local attention from the pike. These appear to be about 5 inches long.

  2. James,

    These are excellent sized flies for this time of year. Pike will eat almost anything- from dragonfly nymphs to muskrat. I have caught good sized pike and musky on size 8 wooly buggers. I have caught many nice pike on 2-3" baitfish patterns. This time of year for most places that you find pike, smaller flies are a better bet than big ones. Earlier in the season the majority of prey items available are small and as the year progresses they get bigger. I don't break out really big flies until later in the year.

    You might want to read Barry Reynold's Pike on the Fly and Mastering Pike on the fly to get a better handle on a pike's diet.

  3. The half and half tied Bob's way. I have The Deep Minnow, but it has worked so well for bass I've not pushed past that, maybe I should. Nice flies.


  4. Hey Gregg,

    One of the nice things about using bigger flies is that you tend to catch bigger fish. Big bass munch these flies as readily as any other predator. They are great where you have bulkier baitfish too.

  5. Hello from Spain, very good flies for pike. I like too pike fly fishing.