Saturday, March 31, 2012

Master Angler 2011

I just got my pin from the Vermont Master Angler Program yesterday... sweet pin! The program has been in existence for 2 years now and I have a pin from each year. I still have the most entries in the program. I had the second most entries last year and I entered 16 different species. 8 of those were species I had not entered before. With any luck I will have a few new species to add in this year as well. 

I also got a copy of the Annual Report for the Master Angler Program. Kinda cool... I made the cover... twice! Nice big carp and my personal best gar right underneath it!

Congrats to all those who earned their pins last year! Definitely an awesome accomplishment! Get out and get one for this year too!


  1. Congrats, If this is all done with a fly rod that is even more impressive.

  2. Thanks Kevin- all my entries were on flies! I am going to get as many of the 31 species in the program as I can on flies!

  3. How cool is it that they made the Carp and Gar the two most highlighte pictures?!

    Way to go on the variety man. That is allot of hard work and good fishing to catch that many MA on the fly in one year.

  4. It is pretty cool McTage... they really want to highlight the alternative species and I provided them with two of the best pictures to do that... It was hard, hard work, just awful conditions to work in too.. (ain't sarcasm great?)

  5. Way cool! I also like the "alternative" species designation/addition, and share your enthusiasm for them, though obviously not your skill. Well deserved!


  6. Well done! I looked at the Iowa Master Angler program and there are some really big fish on the list. I'm hoping to qualify 8 specs -- we'll see...