Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thinking Big

Relatively clean desk- a photo was a must!
So after taking some time to clean up my fly tying desk (something much needed) I started cranking out some bigger flies. I have been thinking alot about muskies on the fly. I have been targeting these apex predators with the long rod for about 15 years now. I am always tinkering with flies to make them bigger and castable at the same time. It hasn't always been an easy combination to pull off. Recently a lot of great artificial materials have come on the market which allow for this combo.Combine that with some ideas given to me by everyone's favorite pike fishing redneck Ken Capsey I decided to tie up some of the biggest flies I have twisted up.
Musky sized flies indeed!

All of these flies are tied with two hooks. Many years ago I was getting more than a few takes from muskies without getting a hookup. The flies were long and I thought that part of it was that I was getting short strikes. I got to the vice and came up with a good tandem hook system. It worked pretty well too! My buddies Marty and Tim have also been using a similar system for muskies with similar success.  It seems to be a 50/50 split between the front and back hooks. Seems like the tandem hook worked out nicely!
Perch style
 The other style that I worked into these dual hook flies deserved a nod to Ken's Money in the Bank fly. This is a great way to add length to a fly by using a trailing hook on a loop of wire attached to the front hook. It also provides a nice amount of movement when it is in the water. Pike and muskies do like a lot of motion in their flies.

The thing that really blows right now is that today is the last day of the musky season in New York. I won't be fishing musky for quite some time now... real bummer. So for a while I will just keep cranking out some big flies, dreaming of those hot summer days slinging big flies with a 10 weight out of my canoe, waiting for that flash of bronze and gold.....
These flies work great on suckers too!


  1. what species of sucker is that? I don't have that one on my lifelist yet...

  2. That would be Catastomasaurus dungstaineri Mr. Roughfisher!

  3. the dungstaineri are not known for their looks but they are highly intelligent and noted for their style....

  4. I love the post Drew!!! You saw "money in the Bank "in action...that was a sweet day my man!!

  5. Drew-
    I too have been working on my big flies for a couple of years. I prefer long skinny flies with an epoxy head. This causes the fly to be more aerodynamic when casting, but opens up in the water. I throw ten inch flies 60 feet all day with an 8 weight.

  6. James-

    I have done the same thing, but I have found that if the hook is not far enough back in the fly then short strikes tend to happen. By putting a second trailing hook in the fly I really saw impressive gains in hooking fish. When you are dealing with big muskies and there might only be one or two fish in a day every advantage counts. And the 10 weight helps handle heavy heads that give a great jigging motion.