Monday, November 22, 2010

A Good Day on the Water

The first thing that many anglers would say makes a good day on the water is a lot of good fish or even a couple of really memorable ones. I have had those days and they definitely stick in the memory but it isn't always fish that make a good day. Sometimes it is the company that you keep. 
Terrorist style Limb
  Yesterday Limb (aka Ken Capsey) and I took a jaunt out on Lake Champlain hoping to find some lake trout. We found them, but not in the numbers that were around last weekend. And it was a hell of a lot colder yesterday than it had been last weekend. We were contending with frozen guides and numb fingers. Of course I had to deal with Limb's casting, or actually more to the point his rod placement. He always seemed to have his rod at an angle so that my backcast got caught on it. Bloody redneck!
Ken with a lovely tangle
the result of Limb's less than spectacular rod placement

We didn't find the lakers to be overly willing yesterday. We both had a few follows, perhaps a take or two. We did catch a lot of zebra mussels- easy enough to do if you are keeping your fly on the bottom. We did go to a shallow weedy cove and caught a few perch. It wasn't fast and furious perch fishing, but we both got a few. Limb beat me numbers wise by vertically jigging a chartreuse Clouser but I got the biggest on a bugger. 

We didn't set the world on fire with numbers of fish, or even a single specimen of the fish we were after. We had a good time trying to figure out what the fish wanted, talked boats and tackle, made plans for next year (and later this year hopefully). The wind wasn't bad, it warmed up and it ended up being an enjoyable day on the water.

Ronnie James Limb
Sometimes a good day is just getting out with a buddy who needs some time on the water. 


  1. Fantastic Drew...I owe ya man...had a to terrorize some perch on smaller gear!