Monday, April 7, 2014

We Be Jammin'

I hit another stream yesterday. I found more open water but no fish this time. Serious, serious ice jams though. It isn't going to be long now before things start to happen. 

A note of caution. The river was high and dirty. I stepped in a few times to get a better place to cast from. I was standing on what seemed like solid ground but it was shelf ice. I found out the hard way- the shelf broke and I dropped about a foot. Fortunately it was onto solid ground but with water just around the freezing mark be careful out there!

Another cool thing I saw yesterday was some invertebrate activity. Brown stones, beetle larvae (which look a lot like craneflies) and Gammarus  (scuds, and they were big- size 8 or 10). I have pics that I will put up tomorrow. 

It is pretty cool to be out there while the ice jams are working. There is a slight groan as the ice starts to move, then the crush of ice falling, grumbling as it works through then the rush of ice and slush as water moves. Really very cool. Every now and then you hear a big boom and crunch as a big jam gives way. 

It won't be long now...

Yes, there is a river in there somewhere...

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