Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Champlain Burbot

 So I have caught the hardwater bug badly... really badly... What really, really got me was the fact
Check it out- it's a fly reel!
that the new hot reel for jigging is actually a fly reel... ok, so the gear is giving me a sign that I need to do this too... with that in mind I got a rig (it was my birthday gift to myself). My good friend Marty let me borrow some gear too. I was ready to rock and roll!

I did a bit of research and did a lot of thinking about where to go. I knew the habitat that the burbot is looking for. They love rocks. So I thought, hmmmm, where is someplace that has a lot of rocks, is fairly open and easy access?  The Burlington Waterfront. I asked around a bit, specifically my buddy Dale down at Biben's Lakeshore Hardware just up the road from me in Colchester. They are one of the best places to get your ice fishing gear. I grabbed some dead minnows and headed out.
Right on the Waterfront!

The set up is pretty simple. A jigging rod, a glow in the dark jig, a glow in the dark curly tail soft plastic, some dead minnows, and a flashlight to recharge the glow stuff. All pretty straight forward! 

I got out there pretty early. The place was crawling with folks because it was a gorgeous day. The sunset was spectacular. Nothing happened until the sun went down. Then things got interesting...

Three burbot hit within 20 minutes of full darkness. They were hammering that thing. Usually
right after I recharged the jig. BAM! they were on it.  Another one came in the next hour or so. I had a blast and learned a lot. 

I am really excited about this. It opens up so many new possibilities for me for the winter. No longer will I be pining for the spring all winter long. Instead I will be taking advantage of the winter months and hard water. And my friends will be taking advantage of the burbot bonzanza!

First time on the ice solo, first time ice fishing Lake Champlain, first time burbot fishing Champlain... and I nailed it! I feel like a cod among men! 

Not a bad haul! Average size seems larger than those at Willoughby

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