Saturday, June 30, 2012

Carp In The Surf

It is on! Carp are on fire on Lake Champlain right now! I found a nice pod in a place I have never even seen a carp before. I went 5 for 9 hook ups!  Awesome day on the water. The coolest part is that I had my boots on the ground the whole time!  

Now is the time to get out after Yankee bonefish! I am booking up pretty quickly for the next few weeks. Carp, bowfin, gar, drum- this is the best time of the year for these guys! Bass and other fish are doing well too!  Email me at to set things up!

As for today- I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

On the line

The Yankee Bonefish Whisperer pose

Pleased with Sweet Sixteen
18 lbs of hoover!
FUMBLE! Perhaps my favorite pic from today- Thank you to the good guys who came to see the fish and helped with the pics!


  1. That was good to see. I was wondering about very large lakes in The Great Lakes System I rarely hear of. Once again, very clear water, as opposed to my turbid small ponds. Flies?-large, small stripped, static?


  2. #6 flies dropped right in front of them. Then get them out of the weeds as fast as possible!

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