Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bernie on the Water!

My long time client Bernie Moore took full advantage of my after school special yesterday- and had a blast! He had a new 5 weight outfit that he wanted to christen and what better way to do that than to get into some bronzebacks!

18" to kick things off!
We hit the water around 4. We had a bit of a slow start- the bright sun may have been a factor in that- and we had a bit of a failure of a braided loop resulting in a lost leader. I only mention that because I have seen it more than a few times and I make my own loops with the fly line. I will do a tutorial on that sometime soon, but I did a quick field replacement while Bernie fished with my rig. That got things started off right! The Zombie did the trick once again!

19" smallmouth!

Bernie picked up a nice rock bass with his new rig and shortly after that he got into smallie. It was a nice 13-14" fish and he was pretty excited about it. He said (and I quote) "Those 13-14" fish put up the best fight!" replied that I thought the big ones weren't half bad either. We tested that theory shortly after that with a 19" bruiser. I think that Bernie changed his mind on what bass fight the best!

20.5" and 18" double!
After Bernie landed 10 fish (including a decent little rainbow) he graciously allowed me to fish with him (thanks Bernie!). I picked up a couple of nice fish- starting out with a 19" fish. To close out the day we got a double! Just an awesome day on the water! Bernie is a blast to spend the day with and I was very happy to have him out with me again. I did leave the Boga-grip at home this time though....

I will be running the After-School Special until Mid-June. Trips start around 4 and will go until it gets too dark to fish. Smallmouth are a great option but there are also pike, trout and other options around the Burlington area. With a price of $125 it is a deal not to be missed!  Email me at muskyflies@gmail.com or give me a call at the number found on my website www.masterclassangling.com.
Piggie bass are on the menu!
That is the smile I like to see on a client's face!

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