Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Clients on the Water!

So I have been pretty fortunate that I have already had a few bookings during such a great start to the season. Things have changed a bit with all the water we got, but adapting to changing conditions helps make a better angler!  The best part of this job is the people I get to meet and fish with and the past few clients have been some of the most fun folks to be on the water with!

I had been talking to Kenny since February. He was gung ho to get out and get into some early season trout and that "fish fever" got worse after seeing the great opening weekend I had. So we pulled it together and got out after some trout. I could tell you all about the experience, but I would rather let Kenny put it in his own words:

"After 5 days of fishing all over northeast VT with no luck I met up with Drew who took me to his super secret wild trout river. We even dressed in camo. He worked with me on some techniques and some casts. I found him to be great teacher. We spotted a rainbow feeding near shore next to us and Drew went above and beyond to make sure we hooked up with this fish. After few failed attempts we went for our lunch break where Drew was working on our tactic to go back after the fish. On our way back out I had little mishap wrecking my reel and Drew gladly let me use his Helios Ion 5wt. With in about 10 drifts we hooked into the fish we had been sight fishing for. Totally awesome!! Drew said to me "Let's go downstream to another hot spot". On about third hole hooked into my biggest brown ever and it put up great fight! Can't thank Drew enough for such a great day. For anyone looking to get out for some big fish Drew is the man.."
The smile says it all!  Glad you enjoyed yourself Kenny!

Thanks Kenny! I really appreciate it! Looking forward to the next time we get out on the water together!
Awesome Tom!

I also got out with Kurt and Tom to chase some more trout. Conditions were getting pretty tough. The water was very low and very clear. It was definitely not typical early season conditions with the usual high and cold water. Despite the tough conditions I got Tom into a nice wild rainbow. It was a gorgeous fish but unfortunately the only one landed for the trip. There were others spotted and I helped both of them with dialing in their casting and techniques. Looking forward to getting back out with both of them sometime later this season too!
20"... not bad for the first of the year!

I was out playing around a bit today and guess who I found?

Yes folks, it is that time of the year. I will be running some great specials soon so keep an eye on the blog here! Please shoot me an email to if you want more details or want to book a trip!  Lots of good fishing ahead folks and it has begun to get good!

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  1. Had the best time. Looking forward to getting out again very soon with you. I feel spoiled now don't feel like catching little fish down here any more..LOL