Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Brown Trout Assortment

So I have to move this month. My best friend Beth and I are parting ways (amicably, but its still not easy) and I could use some help making this transition. So I am offering up a dozen of my favorite brown trout flies for $25. It is two each of the flies in the photo. All of these flies have been used successfully by me for fall browns (landlocks and brookies too!). This is a great selection of flies that I always have with me on the water this time of year. Included in this bunch of flies are some streamers that have done well for me, but also a couple of my October Prince- big browns HATE this fly!  

Email me at if you want a set of these (or other flies too- I can tie trout to musky flies and all sorts of goodies in between!)

The October Prince at work!

Olive and Orange Clouser scores!



  1. Domestic displacement really sucks. It's times like that when I throw myself into the river full time.

  2. If I only could John... if I only could...

  3. Wow, that's a great catch you got there. It reminds me of the one that I caught months ago in Colorado on one of my fishing trips with friends. Also, I'd agree with what's been said regarding "domestic displacement"; being a fishing enthusiast myself, when I move from place to place I make sure that the area is close to a river or lake. Can't miss out on the good ol' fishing activity and fun.

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