Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sharks and Cuda

The Bonefish Whisperer with the Bonefish Predator!

I am getting really excited about heading down to south Florida with Marty and Tim... really excited. It is now only a month off. I should have an interview up with Cordell Baum Jr on the blog here in the next few days. I do want to get into my first bonefish or maybe permit, but I have to admit that I am thinking about teeth. Sharks and barracuda my friends.... big predators, big teeth. Both fish are notoriously difficult to get on flies but that is not going to stop me from trying. I have a new rod and reel to try out- both are made to handle big boys like what I want to get. I will be putting up a review of the Pike Saber here shortly... great rod folks!

Anyway, since I have the "gun" I need, time to think about "bullets".  I think these should speak for themselves.
Shark fly- simple and effective

Pretty similar shark fly- on the TMC 600SP- great hook!

Big red shark fly- has bull shark written all over it!

'Cuda Tube Fly

Big Pike 'Cuda fly... love the pink!

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  1. dude i so cant wait too read about thhis adventure and im diggin that first fly man